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Fascinating, really.”) 19. You put lavender oil on your kid’s feet hoping they’ll sleep longer. 20. You put lavender oil on your feet hoping you’ll sleep longer. 21. You try to sell your spouse that cypress, rosemary, and bergamot is an extremely masculine smell for the homemade deodorant you made him. 22. You talk about oils like they are your kids. “Oh my gosh, Linda, did you hear? My Copaiba made the wood on my dining room table sparkle and shine. We are just so proud.” 23. Your kids line up every morning to get their daily dose of oils on their feet. 24. The first aromatherapy diffuser thing you think of when you wake up is, “Wow, that Roman chamomile and rose combo really helped me relax.” 25. You have an entire wall shelf dedicated to carrier and essential oils. 26. You don’t let your spouse use the olive oil because you need it to make face cleanser. 27. Your non-oil friends start getting weirded out. 28.

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